What is Magento Enterprise

The next level of product that you could choose will be Magento Enterprise. This software is designed to provide a platform for medium to large eCommerce businesses with plenty of flexibility and options. When you choose Magento Enterprise, you will have access to the company support team, which will allow you to develop your site even without a large amount of technical experience. There are many specifications that the software offers, including the following.

  • Completely customizable site design so that your store will stand out from anyone else’s.
  • A secure site that will allow buyers to feel comfortable making purchases. The software is compliant with PA-DSS security and it includes data encryption.
  • Responsive product views that will allow the shopper to zoom in on images and see various pictures of the products that you have to offer.
  • Completely compatible with third party extensions and software that you may choose to use with your site.
  • Integration for CRM and ERP systems so that you can keep your site, accounting, shipping, payment processing and even call centers all in one location.
  • Starting around $22,000 a year
  • Support available at all times.
  • Code level access as needed
  • APIs for web services
  • System for customer rewards.
  • System to handle customer credits.
  • Catalog content management system.
  • SEO optimized so that your store can be found online.

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